the sales tax in Illinois is 6.25%. about how much will a pair of jeans that has a ticket price of $48.99 cost, including sales tax?


Answer 1

Cost of the pair of jeans = $48.99

Sales tax = 6.25%

Total cost = $48.99+6.25%

                 = $49.05

Therefore, the total cost including sales tax is $49.05

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How do you solve this equation?


p = -1
Subtract 8p and 3p
Thats 5p
8=5p + 13
Subtract 13 from 8
-5 = 5p
Divide -5 by 5
-1 = p
remember you can do anything to an equaiton as long as you do it to both sides

group like terms
add like terms
minus 13 from both sides
divide both sides by 5

Select the correct answer.
What is the value of arcsin ?


For this case we have that by definition, it is called arcsine (arcsin) from a number to the angle that has that number as its sine.

We must find the arcsin (\frac {\sqrt {2}} {2}). Then, we look for the angle whose sine is \frac {\sqrt {2}} {2}.

We have to, by definition:

Sin (45) = \frac {\sqrt {2}} {2}

So, we have to:

arcsin (\frac {\sqrt {2}} {2}) = 45


Option B


Choice B

Step-by-step explanation:

An option is to find the the square root of 2 in decimals is (1.414213562)/(2) ≈ <strong>0.7071067812</strong>

Now we can use the arc sine, which is the inverse of a sin.

To do this we must use a scientific calculator. By pressing the arc sin button and entering in 0.7071067812, we can find the arc sin, which is 45°.

What is the probability of flipping a fair coin and having 4 consecutive heads?A. 1/8

B. 1/16

C. 1/2

D. 1/6


Let X be the event of getting head on flip of a fair coin. As the coin is fair the probability of getting head or tail is same which is 1/2.

Now probability of getting 4 consecutive heads

P(4 consecutive heads) = P(head on first flip) * P(head on second flip) * P(head on third flip) * P(head on fourth flip)

= (1/2) * (1/2) * (1/2) * (1/2)

= 1/16

The probability of getting head on four consecutive flips is B. 1/16

From midnight until 8:00 AM, the temperature tripled and then rose 5 degrees. The temperature at 8:00 AM was –7 degrees Celsius. Write and solve an equation to find the temperature at midnight.


The equation of the temperature at midnight is written as 3y + 5 = -7

The temperature at the midnight is calculated to be -4 degrees

How to write the equation of the temperature at midnight

The equation for the temperature at midnight is following the information given in the problem tripled and increased by 5

Assuming the temperature at midnight is y. For the temperature to triple we have


For the temperature to rise 5 degrees will result to

3y + 5 = -7

solving for y

3y + 5 = -7

3y = -7 - 5

3y = -12

y = -4

At midnight the temperature was -4 degrees

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What is the pattern 3,3.3,3.63,3.993


Each number is the number before it multiplied by 1.1
And since it is multiplied, there is a common ratio and so it is a geometric sequence.
3 x 1.1 = 3.3
3.3 x 1.1 = 3.63
And it goes on.

Hope this helps :)
1.1 is multiplied to each result

hope this helps :)

How do you find the length of arc and area of sector


To do this I must first determine what fraction of the circle is represented by the central angle 30°. Since there are 360° in a full circle, I can find the fraction of a circle by simplifying . The sector represents of the circle. To find the arc length, I now need to find the circumference of the entire circle.