What is greater 8/9 or 11/12


Answer 1
Answer: 11/12 because 11 divided by 12 is 0.9166667 and 8 divided by 9 is 0.8889

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What is the equation for density


D = M/V  ( Density equals mass divided by volume )


A.D = d = m over v is the right answer.

The unit rate for $1.96 for 4 pounds of bananas


The unit rate for $1.96 for 4 pounds of bananas is 0.49

What is Division?

A division is a process of splitting a specific amount into equal parts.

We have to find the  unit rate for $1.96 for 4 pounds of bananas

Unit rate is the ratio of two different units, with denominator as 1.

To find unit rate we have to divide one point nine six by four

Unit rate = 1.96/4

We get zero point four nine


Hence, the unit rate for $1.96 for 4 pounds of bananas is 0.49

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Divide to find the unit rate

1.96/4 = 0.49

Answer: $0.49 per pound

Which equation does not represent a linear function of x?


The easiest way I have for knowing the difference between linear and nonlinear is the exponent value on the variable x. It is important to understand the root word in linear.  It is LINE.  A straight line, no curves .y = 2x - 3  This is linear because the exponent on x is one. Thus your slope is standard rise over run, like a stair step and simply goes up or down. I hope this helps :D

If Zig were to shoot Marina in a 50 foot tank around a 30 foot radius circle, what is the distance of the circle?Gift for zig and sharks series!



The distance of the circle is 314 foot .

Step-by-step explanation:

Given as :

The measure of tank = 50 foot

The radius of circle = 30 foot

Let The distance of circle = x foot

Now, Distance of circle = circumference of circle

∵ circumference of circle = 2 × \pi × radius

where  \pi = 3.14

∴  circumference of circle = 2 × 3.14 × 50

I.e  circumference of circle = 314 foot

So, Distance of circle = 314 foot .  

Hence the distance of the circle is 314 foot . Answer


Express your answer in simplest form.

3 3/4+2 1/2


:D The answer is, 6 1/4. :D
D is the answer  


at the ring toss booth in a carnival 8 people lost and forty people won. how many times as many people won as lost?


32 people won as lost