What letter comes next


Answer 1
Answer: If im not wrong, is seconds, minute, hour,day,month and year so the answer is Y 

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Who is Calpurnia? In to kill a mockingbird
A metric unit of mass that is equal to 1/1,000 of a gram is called a ?•dekameter •millimeter
Which sentence is punctuated correctly? A. "Ostriches cannot fly," Helen explained, "But they can move at fast speeds." B. "did you know that crickets make noise with their legs?" said Lindsey. C. Benny replied, "yes, I've been there twice." D. "Have you ever been to New York?" asked Jenna.
As soon as I have passed SLC I ______ join the college​
Read these sentences from Patrick Henry's "Speech to the Convention ofDelegates of Virginia." How does he structure the argument to make it clearand convincing?They tell us, sir, that we are weak – unable to cope with soformidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger?Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when weare totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall bestationed in every house?OA. He uses simile and personification to emphasize his positive tone.OB. He uses a metaphor to convey a particular meaning.OC. He uses a counterclaim to establish his credibilityOD. He uses rhetorical questions to emphasize his main point

Evaluate three ways in which conflict can help to build positive relationships between youth and their parents


well I don't know if this is three ways but this is what I know. when there is conflict and the child gets mad and blocks you out "You as in the adult" they realize after a while that with out you they would have nothing that they have now and that they wouldn't even be here and life with out you would be bad and lonely and hard to work with so then the child will think positively about what he or she has and be thankful for it and that builds a positive relationship off of a negative conflict :) . I know this from my own experiences so I hope that what I know is a help to you and if its not that's ok

Help please. (Picture)


C. Hasty Generalization

The answer is hasty generalization because the speaker is making an assumption that everyone in the school. thinks the earlier start time is great.

Have a great Day :)

Which answer choice correctly completes the sentence? The eagle was __________ right above us. A. flown B. flying C. fly D. flew


B flying, that is the proper way to say it
B.) flying 

 because the rest of the answer wouldn't make sense. Just plug them in and see what make sense.

Which sentence uses a verb that agrees with its subject? A.
Henry am exhausted from the basketball game.

Henry are exhausted from the basketball game.

Henry is exhausted from the basketball game.


The answer is C because the subject is singular and the verb is plural
A and B have singular subjects and verbs


C. henry is exhausted from the basketball game.


In "The Gift of the Magi," why is Della crying at the start of the story? A. She finds out that Jim does not want her to buy him a gift.
B. She and Jim are being evicted from their apartment.
C. She learns that Jim will now make $20 per week, not $30.
D. She realizes that she has only managed to save less than $2.

is it d?


Your answer is correct. It is D. She realizes that she has only managed to save less than $2. 

Is the group of words a sentence or a run-on sentence? There is an ostrich farm near our house the owner sells ostrich eggs.




It is a run-on sentence. It should say: 

There is an ostrich farm near our house. The owner sells ostrich eggs.

(Weird sentence ;P)