In Western Europe, what city would you find at 53 degrees north and 0 degrees west


Answer 1
Answer: There's no city there.  That point is in a cultivated field in a large farming region of eastern England.  It's just east of the A52 highway (Sibsey Road), south of Boston Long Hedges, and west of Willoughby Hills Road.  The nearest towns ... all within about 4 miles ... are Frithville, Fishtoft Drove, Anton's Gowt, Frith Bank,  (I am not making this up), Frampton Fen, and Wyberton Fen.

If you were shooting for London, you missed it by about 100 miles.

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Which of the following statements is true?The sun is hotter than a B2 star. Apparent magnitude does not consider distance. A light-year is the speed at which light travels from the sun to Earth. Planets sometimes look brighter than stars because of reflected light from the sun.

Where is the best farm land in egypt


On the bank of the nile river
Nile rivers or the Sahara farmland.

In demorcratic government each individual's opinionA. can be expressed publically
B. is based on the facts
C. is of equal importance
D. will determine the outcome of an election


In democratic government each individual's opinion can be expressed publicly.


The democratic political systems are systems were the individual has great rights. In a democracy, everyone is allowed to express its own opinion on any matter. Not just that the opinion can be expressed privately, but also publicly. This very often manages to bring in lot of things out on the surface, especially if some things have been covered up and hidden from the public eye. The individual that expresses the opinion publicly is protected by law.

  • In a democratic system, every person is equal in front of the law.
  • The people are able to express their opinion on any matter, be it privately or publicly, and not be afraid of political persecution because of it.
  • The government is directly dependent on the people, as everyone aged above 18 (usually that is the age limit for adulthood) has the right to vote, thus give power to a political party, but also strip off its power.

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Which of the following natural resources helps India fuel its nuclear power plants?


uranium because it is a fuel that is assembled in such a way that a controlled fission chain reaction can be used. The heat created by splitting the U-235 atoms is then used to make steam which spins a turbine to drive a generator, producing electricity.
Uranium is the correct answer.

What is the capital of Columbia?
a. Bagotá
b. Quito
c. Caracas
d. Havana



Quito is the capital of Ecuador
Caracas is the capital of Venezuela
Havana is the capital of Cuba
The capital of Columbia is Bogotá

What is a cast in science


Fossil Cast:
A fossil formed when a plant, animal, or some other organism dies and then its flesh and bones decay and deteriorate due to chemical reactions. Minerals then enter into the decayed areas, creating a cast, or a mold fossil, which is the general shape of the original organism. 

Unless you mean some other cast?

I need a Amazon tribe name please! Need for Monday


A tribe name is Yakwa!