Please help and explain how to do it
Please help and explain how to do it - 1


Answer 1
Answer: so F(m) because F dollars for every mph over the speed limit
so 40 dollar speeding fine so +40 
10 dollars for every mile over and m=miles over so put them all toghether and get

so if you were going 78 mph
to find the mph over you would do 78-70=8mph over so put in 8 for m and get
F(8)=10(8)+40=80+40=$120 fine for going at 78 mph

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The diagram shows two straight lines.Not drawn accurately
Work out the value of x.



x = 136º

Step-by-step explanation:

This is true because of the vertical angles rule. With vertical angles, they always equal each other.

Final answer:

The two straight lines form vertical angles due to their intersection which are congruent, giving x a value of 136°.


The question pertains to angles and lines in geometry. Based on the information given, it seems that the two straight lines form vertical angles. Vertical angles are two angles whose sides form two pairs of opposite rays. They occur when two lines intersect, and are congruent, meaning they have the same measure.

In this case, x and 136° seem to be vertical angles. Therefore, the value of x would be equal to the other angle. So, x = 136°.

Learn more about Vertical Angles here:


A karat equals 1/24 part of gold in an alloy [ eg 9 karat gold is 9/24 gold]. How many grams of 9 karat gold must be mixed with18 karat gold to make 200 grams of 14 karat gold alloy?


This is a mixture problem.

mass1 * karat1 + mass2*karat = total mass * total carat

Total mass = 200g.
Total karat = 14.

Let the 9 karat gold to be mixed be x. The 18 karat would weight (200 - x). Since the total = 200g.

9*x  + 18*(200 -x) = 14*200

9x + 18*200 - 18*x = 14*200

18*200 + 9x - 18x = 14*200

3600 - 9x = 2800

3600 - 2800 = 9x

800 = 9x

9x = 800

x = 800/9

x ≈ 88.89

Therefore 88.89 grams of 9 karat gold must be mixed.
i solved this question the answer i got is x=4 can you please check if it is correct 

What is the slope of the line whose equation is 12= 4x-6y



The slope of the line is 2/3.

Step-by-step explanation:

In order to find the slope of the line with the equation 12 = 4x - 6y, we need to rearrange the equation into slope-intercept form, which is y = mx + b, where m is the slope.

First, let's isolate y on one side of the equation:

\large\begin{aligned} 12 &= 4x - 6y \n 6y &= 4x - 12 \n y &= (4)/(6)x - (12)/(6) \n y &= (2)/(3)x - 2 \end{aligned}

Now we can see that the slope is 2/3.

Answer: m = -2/3

Step-by-step explanation:

We are asked to calculate the slope of the following line:


But before we start, let's rearrange our equation. We'll write it in slope intercept form.

So first, we write it this way:


Next, we subtract 4x from both sides:


Next, divide both sides by -6:




Our equation is now in slope-intercept form. The next step is to find the slope, which is the number in front of x. In this case, this number is -2/3.

Therefore, the slope is -2/3.

Why is it important to convert rates to the same units before comparing them


because, if you have different rates and convert them, they won't be correct. its easier to convert them and then compare. (if that makes sense?)

Help me plz I don't get it !!!!!!!!


Answer: B.

It grows 3 inches per week


B. 3

Step-by-step explanation:

The constant of proportionality is 3 because every week, the tree grows 3 more inches at a constant rate. The increase amount doesn't change. It's constantly growing by 3 inches.

I hope this helps!

The equation A = p + prt is used to find the accumulated amount, A, of an investment with principal, P, a certain interest rate, r, and over time, t. What is the value for r, after the equation is rearranged?r equals start fraction cap a plus p over p t end fraction
r equals start fraction cap a minus p over p t end fraction
r equals start fraction cap a minus one over t end fraction
r = A − p − pt


minus p both sides
divide both sides by pt
dunno what a fraction cap is
I would guess it is the 2nd one


The answer is B, r = "A - p / pt."

Step-by-step explanation:

I just took the test and got a 100% with this answer. I hope this helps!