Solve the equation 4+0.3x=19


Answer 1
Answer: Step #1).  Subtract 4 from each side of the equation.

Step #2).  Divide each side by 0.3 .

At this point, be careful.  The answer will jump up off the paper
into your face.
Answer 2






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Explain using words how you know a fraction is equivalent to another fraction


Two fractions are equivalent if

(a) Both the numerator (top) and denominator (bottom) of each fraction are the same. For example, two-fifths (2/5) of one thing is equivalent to two-fifths (2/5) of another thing.

(b) The numerator and denominator of one fraction can both be multiplied by the same number to equal the numerator and denominator of the other fraction. An example of this would be two-thirds (2/3) and six-ninths (6/9). Both two and three can be multiplied by three (3) to equal the numbers in their respective spots in the fraction six-ninths (6/9). (Two multiplied by three is six, three multiplied by three is nine.)


(c) The numerator and denominator of one fraction can be divided by the same number to equal the numerator and denominator of the other fraction, like with six-tenths (6/10) and three-fifths (3/5). Both six and ten, when divided by two, are equal to three and five, respectively.

If you multiply the top and the bottom by the same number

The line with equation ax+by=20 passes through the points(-2,10) and (1,5)
find a and b


ax+by=20 \n \n(-2,10) \n \n a*(-2)+b*10 = 20 \n \n-2a +10b = 20 \n \n (1,5)\n \n a*1+b*5 = 20 \n \n a +5b = 20
\begin{cases} -2a+10b =20\n a+5b =20 \ /*2\end{cases} \n \n\begin{cases} -2a+10b =20\n 2a+10b =40 \end{cases}\n--------\n 20b=60 \ / :20 \n \nb=(60)/(20) =3

-2a+10b=20 \n \n-2a +10*3=20 \n \n-2a +30=20\n \n-2a=20-30\n \n-2a=-10 \ /: (-2)

a=(10)/(2)=5\n \n\begin{cases} a= 5 \nb=3\end{cases}

ax+by=20\n\nfor\ (-2;\ 10)\to x=-2;\ y=10\ substitute\n\n-2a+10b=20\n\nfor\ (1;\ 5)\to x=1;\ y=5\ substitute\n\n1a+5b=20\n\n\n \left\{\begin{array}{ccc}-2a+10b=20&/:2\na+5b=20\end{array}\right
+\left\{\begin{array}{ccc}-a+5b=10\na+5b=20\end{array}\right\n------------\n.\ \ \ \ \ \ \ 10b=30\ \ \ \ /:10\n.\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ b=3\n\n\left\{\begin{array}{ccc}b=3\na+5b=20\end{array}\right\n\left\{\begin{array}{ccc}b=3\na+5\cdot3=20\end{array}\right\n\left\{\begin{array}{ccc}b=3\na+15=20\end{array}\right\n\left\{\begin{array}{ccc}b=3\na=20-15\end{array}\right\n\left\{\begin{array}{ccc}b=3\na=5\end{array}\right

Answer:a=5\ and\ b=3\to5x+3y=20.

How many different ways can you and 5 friends sit in your assingned seats when you go to a concertplz help me25pts


One: Sit facing the front
Two: It might hurt, but sitting facing the left or right ( Right is Three, Left is Two )
Four: Sit cris cross apple sauce
Did I miss some? I dont know but those were all I could name, sorry

nicole has a rectangular canvas that is 12 inches long and 10 inches wide.She paints a blue square in the center of the canvas.The sauare is 3 inches on each side. How much of the canvas is not painted blue?


First you add 10 with 12 which equals 22 the subtract 3 which is 19.So 19 inches of the canvas is not painted blue





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If you have 5 apples and Kaky gives 5 more you will have 10 alltogether.

Hope this helps :-)

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