This is 5th grade work if you needed to know
This is 5th grade work if you needed to know - 1


Answer 1
Answer: To find volume multiply base times width times height. 
The dimensions of the fridge is 36 x 35 x 70. 
Multiply 36 x 35 to get 1260. 
Multiply 1260 x 70 to get 88200. 
The volume of the fridge is: 88,200 cubic inches. 
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Answer 2


88,200 cubeic in.

88,200 = volume

Step-by-step explanation:

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Plz help what is the missing number 1,4,9,16 what is after 16 plz help me fast thank you
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A circle has a circumference of 16'pi' feet. What is the radius of the circle, in feet?A. square root of 8
B. 4
C. 8
D. 16
E. 32


C=16\pi ft.\n\nC=2\pi r\ (r-radius)\n\n2\pi r=16\pi\ \ \ /:2\pi\nr=8\ (ft.)\n\nAnswer:C

Please help fast this is for my sister and I don't understand (30 points)​



I don’t get most of it, but I believe “doubles” means two of the same number added together. For example, 9+9 is a double. I think “doubles +1” means a double and add one. For example, 6+6+1. If I were your sister, I would write “9+9 = 18” for doubles and “6+6+1 = 13” for doubles +1.

I hope I helped!

Find the third, fifth,and eleventh terms of the sequence described by the rule. A(n)=6+(n-7)(7)
A(3)= ?



                    aₙ = 6 + (n - 1)*7

a₃ = 6 + (3 - 1)*7 = 20

a₅ = 6 + (5 - 1)*7 = 34

a₁₁ = 6 + (11 - 1)*7 = 76

A red ball has a mass that is less then 1 killogram.A blue ball has 1 the mass of blue ball more then or less then the mass of the red ball?


The blue ball is more than the red ball because there isn't anything smaller than kilograms

The mass of the Blue ball is much more greater then the mass of the Red ball. So the Red ball has a mass that is less than one kilogram and the Blue ball has a mass of one kilogram.

Explain how you know 21/30 is greater than 2/3



to figure out if they are either: equal, greater, or smaller...

First, find a common denominator...



(2)/(3) * (10)/(10) = (20)/(30)

Now, we can obviously make the assumption that (21)/(30) is greater than (20)/(30).

Thus, your answer. 

if you do 2 X 10, it's 20.
if you do 3 X 10, it's 30.

so, the fraction would be 20/30, and with the denominators the same, now you can see that 21 is greater than 20.

hopes this helps (:

There ratio of boys to girls is 17:3 there are 740 people how many boys are there


ratio of boys to girls= 17:3
number of people= 740

to find the number of boys out of 740 people, you have to add the ratio together and divide 740 by it. then multiply the answer by 17 because the ratio for boys is 17.



answer= 629 
 hope this helps....