A circle is divided into 6 equal parts. What is the angle measure of 1 part?


Answer 1
Answer: The angle measure of one part will be 60.

360/6 = 60 

That is because the circle it divided into 6 equal parts and the whole circle is 360.

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A lightning bolt is graphed on the coordinate plane below. A rotation of this lightning bolt 270° clockwise would place it in which quadrant?A. Quadrant I (x, y)B. Quadrant II (-x, y)C. Quadrant III (-x, -y)D. Quadrant IV (x, -y)



From the image, it can be seen that the initial position of the lightning bolt is in the first quadrant.

After it has been rotated 270 degrees clockwise, it moves by three quadrants and stays in the second quadrant

Answer: Option B

Jose sells all of his shares at $128.34. How much money did Jose make?OA. $192.50
OB. $207.20
C. $224.60
OD. $212.50


Final answer:

To calculate how much money Jose made from selling his shares, we need to know the number of shares he sold.


To calculate the amount of money Jose made, we need to know the number of shares he sold. Let's say he sold x number of shares. Since he sold all of his shares at $128.34 per share, the total amount of money he made can be calculated by multiplying the price per share by the number of shares: $128.34 * x = total amount made. Without knowing the number of shares, we cannot determine the exact amount Jose made.

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(2 + 3i) + (4 - 6i) equal?



Yes indeed, at least I'm pretty sure.

Step-by-step explanation:

4 is half of 2, and 3 is half of 6. you could write them as equal, just like 1/2 and 2/4 fractions.



Step-by-step explanation:

First, you need to get rid of perenthesis. Use destributuve property to do so.

Then, add the add the same types of integers(whole numbers and numbers with variables)

after that, you get your answer!

For a certain​ candy, 15​% of the pieces are​ yellow, 5​% are​ red, 20​% are​ blue, 20​% are​ green, and the rest are brown. ​a) if you pick a piece at​ random, what is the probability that it is​ brown? it is yellow or​ blue? it is not​ green? it is​ striped?


P(Brown) = 100 - 15 -5- 20 - 20 = 40%

P(yellow or blue) = 15 + 20 = 35%

P(not green) = 100 - 20 = 80%

P(striped) = 0%

Which congruence best expresses the relationship showing that the triangles below arecongruent?


The relationship of congruency that describes that the given triangles are congruent is SAS.

What is congruency?

We know two similar planer figures are congruent when we have sides or angles or both that are the same as the corresponding sides or angles or both.

Given, are two triangles with an included angle of 76° and the corresponding sides are congruent to each other.

∴ The relationship that shows that the triangles below are congruent are

side angle side or SAS.

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AIDS said she had to go take care the dogs she

Cuánto le falta a 3/5para llegar a 9/10




Step-by-step explanation:

3/5 se puede convertir en 6/10


9/10 - 6/10 = 3/10

le falta 3/10 para llegar a 9/10.