Leon is reading a big chapter for social studies. He wants to reread a couple of pages after he finishes the chapter. What’s the best note-taking tool to use for this? a highlighter sticky notes flags a ballpoint pen


Answer 1


sticky notes flags


Sticky notes flags are great tools when you want to bookmark pages or paragraphs in a book, when you want to read that paragraph or page again. This is because you can paste the flag over the part of the page that you will need to reread later. A portion of the flag will stick out of the book, signaling the exact location you marked for rereading.

Sticky notes flags can be used to bookmark or highlight words in books ideal for those who don't want to mark with highlighter, or need to bookmark multiple pages or an entire chapter. Its great advantage is that it does not affect the page when it is removed, so it is ideal for use on borrowed books, such as those in the school library, for example.

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Unlike Catherine's love for Edgar, Cathy's love for Lintonis rotted inA. Romance
B. Blackmail
C. Adventure
D. Pity


The answer is D. Pity
Cathy’s love for Linton is just pity. Cathy is physically attracted to Hareton and it quite obvious that Hareton has the same feelings towards Cathy. Hareton even tries to become better as a person and has even become jealous of Linton.

Does public shaming prevent us from being able ro grow and change?​




The words "she was careful now" indicate Heidi has become more.



Award of a situation and now was trying to not repeat that again




It literally says that she was careful now, which means that before she was not careful but now she is.

HELP URGENT BRAINLIEST How do the other characters react to Bottom’s transformation?
Choose 1 answer:

(Choice A)
They all laugh when they see him.

(Choice B)
They all refer to him as “bully Bottom”.

(Choice C)
They all run away when they see him.

(Choice D)
They all comment on his good looks.


Final answer:

In Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream," some characters comment on Bottom's good looks, but not all of them react this way. The other characters have different reactions to his transformation, including fear, confusion, and ridicule.


The other characters in Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" react to Bottom's transformation in various ways. They do not all laugh at him, as in choice A. They do not all refer to him as "bully Bottom", as in choice B. They do not all run away from him, as in choice C. However, some characters do comment on his good looks, as in choice D.

When Bottom is transformed into a donkey by the mischievous Puck, the other characters are initially frightened and confused. Some of the characters, such as Titania, the fairy queen, are enchanted by Bottom’s new appearance and find him attractive. This is evident when Titania expresses her affection towards him and dotes on him, despite his transformation. However, the majority of the other characters mock, ridicule, and laugh at Bottom’s new form. They find him amusing and amusingly strange, but not all of them react the same way.

In conclusion, the correct answer is that some characters in the play comment on Bottom's good looks, as in choice D, but not all of them. The other characters have different reactions to his transformation, including fear, confusion, and ridicule.


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D or A


On-Demand Writing Directions: Carefully read the prompt below. Then readthe provided texts. Enter your essay in the space provided.
Invasive Species
Write a well-organized essay arguing whether invasive plant species should be
made illegal. Support your argument with evidence from the texts.


The negative impacts of invasive plant species on the environment and the economy are significant, and making them illegal is a reasonable solution. This step would prevent the spread of invasive species and protect native plants and biodiversity, leading to a more sustainable future.

Invasive plant species are known to cause severe damage to the environment, including the displacement of native plant species, alteration of ecosystems, and threats to biodiversity.

Given these negative impacts, some argue that invasive plant species should be made illegal. I agree with this view, and several pieces of evidence support this stance.

Firstly, the spread of invasive plant species is a significant ecological threat that has resulted in the displacement of native plants.

According to an article in The New York Times, invasive species now occupy more than 120 million acres in the United States, which is roughly the size of California.

Such invasive species can outcompete native plants for resources, resulting in the loss of habitat and a decline in biodiversity.

Moreover, invasive species also pose a considerable economic threat.

An article in Scientific American states that invasive species cost the US economy over $120 billion annually, due to losses in productivity, damage to infrastructure, and increased healthcare costs.

Given these ecological and economic costs, it is reasonable to make invasive plant species illegal.

By doing so, authorities could prohibit the importation, sale, or transportation of such species, thus preventing their spread.

This action could go a long way in safeguarding the environment, protecting biodiversity, and preserving native plant species.

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What is the following excerpt from The House Behind the Cedars an example of? ​"Good-mawnin', suh," he said, lifting his cap politely.


The spoken dialogue from The House Behind the Cedars an example of:

  • Dialect

Based on the given text, we can see that there is the use of language which is quite peculiar to a given social group or particular group of people and is used by them.

With this in mind, we can see that dialect is used by the speakers as he speaks with something which can be considered an old English drawl which is dialect

Therefore, the correct answer is Dialect

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Because of the quotations around the statement. "GOod-mawnin' , suh," he said ,  lifting his cap politely. This shows someone is speaking to someone else. That means Dialect is happening.

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